Patios, Pergolas and Pavilions

Patio and PergolaPatio and Pergola

An example of a patio and pergola. The paving is an ammonite and cobble design laid out in alternating panels, see detail below. The borders are constructed using engineering grade bricks.

The pergola is made from treated larch wood using joints with wooden peg fixings.

Patio and Pergola





Barbecue stand Garden repairs Cambridge area

 A barbecue roof made with cedar shingles to match adjacent garden pavilion.





TerraceTerrace completed March 2008


A recently completed terrace includng walls





 Trellis and ArboursAn arbour made from Eucalyptus wood


An arbour specilly designed and made to suit the situation.

Eucalyptus wood provides a very strong and long lasting structure with a natural rustic apearance.



We can provide a design service or work with you to meet your own design.

We also provide a repair service for existing patios, terraces, pergolas, walls, fences, driveways and drain covers.